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Ready To Live In Your Car?

Are You Ready to Live in your Car?

Take the quiz and see
Glance over these questions to learn a little about yourself.
1. Are you comfortable entering new situations?
2. Are you fairly flexible as a person?
3. Could you handle hardships?
4. Could you handle close quarters?
5. Are you creative in sticky situations?
6. Could you handle being viewed negatively by others?
7. Could you handle not having a permanent home for an extended period of time?
8. Do you like to camp?
9. Can you live simply?
10. Are you an explorer?
11. Could you part with some of your possessions?
12. Do you have family/friends who can receive your mail?
13. Can you afford to store some of your possessions?
14. Do you need complete privacy?
15. Could you handle living on a public street?
16. Do you have access to private property?

If you answered yes to every question, you could be the quintessential Car-Liver. If you answered yes to at least 10 questions, don’t break your apartment lease just yet; a trial run may be in order. If you answered no to most every question, you’re better off living in a home with a solid foundation, instead of wheels.
*Printed in the Des Moines Register, September 2, 1999, “Live in Your Car?” (Article about author written by Kellie Tayor. Quiz developed by author.)

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