Sunday, June 26, 2016

Disabled Veteran Needs Non-Homicidal Transportation To Work

My truck tried to kill me yesterday. It was mad that I put it to work hauling some stranger's furniture and life junk from a scary place downtown just a few feet from railroad tracks and broken crack pipes across town to pastoral ducks and libraries.

So I am in need of non-murderous transportation. If anyone out there has a non-murderous vehicle that they would like to contribute to a slightly disabled veteran (DoD certified) then I'm your guy. I only need it to be able to go 2 miles to work at the VA and then 2 miles home in the Highland District. Just that and nothing more.

You can reach me here in comments because really, with my only current option being climbing back in to that homicidal pickup to get anywhere, where am I going? Nowhere. I'll be right here.

Never Burn Poison Ivy

A couple of my favorite comments for a self-deprecating video I made about stupid yard care decisions I have made.

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