Sunday, February 05, 2012

Spacemen Don't Take The Bait In Alien Abduction Scheme

Did you spot the flying saucer? It's the UFO I kept hoping would see the sign I painted on my mom's roof inviting redneck alien abduction. My sign read: "Free earth women! Take one!" When the spacemen didn't take my bait, I changed the sign to "Earth women are easy. Take my sister. Please!"

Besides the green flying saucer, there is a ghost, 2 homeless bears pushing shopping carts, me digging a hole in the back yard to put my sister in, several Bethzillas, a Momzilla, a valentine to my ex dog Annie, my grandchildren and Steinberg, my homeless Jewish attorney, in my new FB cover picture. Couldn't get waivers from my children to put their pics in.
The background photo--the shower scene of me pumping my Popeye--was taken in the Shreveport Home For Wayward Veterans and that's my infamous burn barrel above the 3rd star.
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