Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Holiday Blues, Jarvis Style

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by James Jarvis
from My Arcology
Nov 23, 2001

    Couldn't sleep after the seven hour workout in Arconia. Creepy's been pouting in his room since I threw that book at him the other day. Took a drive around the city in the Creepmobile: gas fumes spewing out the front end, sparks from a loose catalytic converter cover shooting out the back end (finally, it fell off). It felt like I was riding around in Jed Clampet's hillbilly truck.

     Drove over to the Hollywood Park Casino on Century. Walked around inside a while looking for grifters, hookers or thugs. You know, just looking for a familiar face on the holidays.

    Drove over to the 24-hour hamburger joint on Century Blvd where I was mugged a few years back. Drug dealers, streetwalkers and muggers, but surprisingly no familiar faces.

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