Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Culinary Dumpsterdiving

I've seen a lot of cute videos about homeless people eating out of dumpsters, but for the most part they show that the makers know squat about this subject. They're just playing off of inaccurate stereotypes designed to make homeless people appear subhuman.

All this scavenger hunt stuff is unnecessary. Especially in the larger cities like Chicago or Los Angeles or Dallas where there are a cornucopia of soup kitchens, lunch missions, breakfast churches, food banks, grocery programs and meals on wheels deals.

Even if one were insanely antisocial or a fugitive from the law, there are plenty of "clean" supermarket and restaurant dumpsters where one could find wrapped, packaged and neatly stacked food ready for consumption.

I've eaten out of dumpsters, but I turned my nose up at anything opened or unpackaged because I could afford to. There's plenty of perfectly good, packaged food being thrown away around the clock in America.

When I first became homeless, I nearly starved because I was conditioned to think that one must BUY one's food to eat. NOW I recoil at the idea of actually paying for food and am repulsed by grocery prices. Oh what a difference a little street experience makes.

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