Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trucking Through Matriculation

By Jolie Blond (aka Marquisdejolie)

(about the rigors of going to college in truck driver terminology)

The Dispatcher found me

an order of freight

at the Academic Warehouse of Dreams.

The traffic was murder,

the detours were long,

and I'd logged-in about seven years late.

I'd tailgated a hopped-up kicker from Arkansas

who had faith in his fuzzbuster schemes,

was makin' good time with the payload:

a cargo dropshipped

to the warehouse of dreams.

The rig he was in

wasn't hooked for delayed satisfaction,

so he deadheaded most of the way,

then his creditors took action

on his lack of acceptable traction

and repo-ed his tractor away.

Now I'm screamin' down hill

at an eight percent grade,

grinding a worn thirteenth gear.

No brakes,

can't stop.

Gotta graduate this place next year.

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