Sunday, January 01, 2012


Big deal. A haunted trailer in beautiful Topanga Canyon. I've lived in worse hellholes. This is nothing next to The Sunset Pacific on east Hollywood Boulevard. Now THAT was scary.

One of my goals during my 5 years of homelessness was to spend a night in every filthy, rundown, piece of shit rattrap crack motel in Los Angeles County until I could declare a winner of the worst crack motel in all of Los Angeles. I finally found it on Sunset Boulevard: The Sunset Pacific.

A little 11-unit motel called The Centinella, a $19 a night slave quarters configuration which tried to burn down while I was sleeping in it several different nights came in a very close second place, but The Sunset Pacific was still king of nightmares.

The smell of brimestone oozed out of the tub drains. You had to push the cot up against the door when you went to sleep because all the doors had broken locks. But sleep light because the windows won't close either.

Probably not a problem sleeping too heavily, though. The crimescene chalk outlines on the hallway floors and walls will probably keep you up. If not, the bloodcurdling screams will.

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