Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Devil In The Details: My Arcology Begins

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Breaking The Color Barrier!
I have broken the color barrier at Arco. I work there part time now (12 hours a week at minimum wage . . . almost enough to pay my rent). I put in 6 1/2 hours yesterday running the cash & gas registers. I now know how to run a lottery machine. I get 50 cents off cigarettes and hot dogs and all the free coffee I can guzzle while I'm working. Coolness.

I’ll try to get other jobs to add to my Arco employment now that I’ve proved to myself that I CAN get straight work. Think I'll apply at Scaife Security next door. You can't go wrong with a name like 'scaife'.

Autobiography of a Money-godless Man
(next day)
Scaife wanted to hire me on the spot to guard school children as soon as I could drive out there, but they wanted me to quit Arco with no notice and I just don't think that's an honorable way to act. No sir. Hired one day, quit the next. What do they think? That I am a native Angelino?

I hounded those Arconians for that job. Besides, if my word is no good, then I REALLY got nothing.

You may think I'm stupid. The Scaife guy didn't understand me at all. He said the school job was at least $280 a week and the Arco job is maybe $70 a week and what was there to think about?

Man, I want money and I desperately NEED money, but money is not my God. Maybe I should've put that at the bottom of the autobiography Scaife Security required that I write as a part of my job interview.

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