Saturday, January 28, 2012


by Jolie Blond

I awakened to the setting of the sun,
shards of waning light
cutting through my closed blinds,
cutting through my darkness,
cutting across my room
in hard geometrical shapes,
slicing through my solitude,
slicing into my sleep time,
daylight's dying attempt
to rouse me into
the hard-edged industriousness
of the day people
who push and shove
and kick the back of the next person's heels
and honk and squeel
and ring and buzz and bother
and slip their hands stealthily
into each other's pockets
and pass forests of paper---
statements and bills and invoices and cash--
pass forests of paper back and forth
and back again . . .
and forth again . . .
their only measure of self worth
found in the heights of their stacks
and I awakened
to the setting of civilization,
said no thanks,
and rolled over in my bed
and went back to my dreams.

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