Friday, April 29, 2011

Trying To Avoid The Sleep Deprivation Patrol

by James Jarvis
from Trail of An Urban Nomad

    Living in a car in Los Angeles is not as easy as it sounds. It's hard enough to find a place to park for an hour, much less for the 8 you need to sleep in the back seat. And then there's the tormentors, the cops who are bored and think its a good idea to prevent people from getting some much needed sleep in their cars. I call them the Sleep Deprivation Patrol.

    You know, I wish the 'good' citizens of this city of 180,000+ homeless people would stop a moment and consider how THEY would like it if once a week or so a cop randomly pulls them over, makes them sit in the back seat of the police patrol car, laughs at their ID saying it must be fake, asks them if they stole the car, asks them if they stole the clothes they are wearing, insists they must have a criminal record SOMEWHERE because of how they look, asks them where they are going, asks them why they are going there, asks them if they are going there to commit a crime, asks them where they've been, asks them why they were there and if they can prove they were there for non-criminal purposes and tells them they are not welcome in this neighborhood . . .  maybe even following them home to park outside their house and watch them a while.

    How would the 'good' citizens of L.A. like that shit?

    Oh, I almost forgot the main torment. How would the 'good' citizens of L.A. like it if periodically the police came over to their house at 3 a.m., rang their doorbell, banging on their door until they opened the door, then the policeman tells them they can't sleep there even though they own the building and can produce their papers. Really. How would they like THAT crap!?
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