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You Don't Have To Be A Brainiac To Win On Jeopardy

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A Facebook conversation in Marshall, Texas about life in Los Angeles, California:

Bet you're good at Jeopardy then.
I did lousy on Jeopardy. Got stage fright and brain freeze. I won $11,420. I'm so ashamed! Let's not mention it again. 

I didn't know that you were on Jeopardy. That's one of my favorite shows. Don't get to see it much any more, though.
I was on my first year in LaLa. 1989.
WOW! You have to be a brainiac to even win the audition to be on it.
I used to be. Don't you remember me from high school?
LOL! Yep...aren't you still? 

No. I had to turn in my MENSA card in....uh....'95 I think it was.
Well, California was so laid back that I laid back and let my brains slosh out of my openmindedness.
LMBO......i knew you were a brainiac but didnt know you were on Jeopardy.....if i won a dollar i would be proud...
I lived near Wilshire Blvd's Miracle Mile which is just a mile or two from where the game shows are taped. I was in the audience for Lets Make A Deal many times and even in the audience of the Pat Sajak Show when he was a talk show host (for about 6 weeks). I've also been in lots of movies and tv shows as an extra. I got enough screen credits to join the Screen Actor's Guild but those union fees are STEEP!
And you think you know a guy......damn,your the most famous guy I know!!!!
I've got a funny SAG story about an experience I had at their old offices in Bev Hills. Remind me to tell you sometime.
Ok...sounds intriguing.....hummmmmmm!
One of my favorite little jokes I tell when somebody in Marshall Texas asks me for I.D. is
"I'm famous on the west coast but I ain't shit here."
Well at least youre somebody Nothing,nobody,nada.......
Not true.
So true....if it werent for Facebook, people wouldnt know I still existed.
Buy a banjo, put a dress on your dog, teach it to tango and take your show to the busiest store in town. You'll get noticed.

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