Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Some Things Never Change On Forest Trail

I'm doing some housekeeping of my Youtube channel this morning, deleting old videos, old inbox messages and old Channel comments. Ran across this one from last year some time and thought it funny how nothing---absolutely nothing--- has changed with my sister in the year. Here it is:

"My sister drives a raggedy ol' Blazer with fairy-stickered windows and a cracked welding mask in the back seat with a dozen spilled antibiotics half melted on the dashboard that look like multicolored fairy eggs and there were empty Miller bottles clink clink clinking on the floorboard behind the driver's seat when she drove the poor machine into another ditch after hitting another mailbox and she has an welding smock signed by some NASCAR driver and she always has saw dust or lice or crabs or SOMETHING moving in her hair and she cut two holes in the back of her dress and she had these scapular wings that were covered with feathers and electrical tape and when she got good and drunk she would sing about Uncertain, Texas where the pot is strong and folks mind their own business and about how she'd be SO MUCH happier if that damned Webeeza tribe of gypsy closet-dwelling Indians would just leave her ass along for a weekend but I'm not listening because whatever it is that my crazy-assed sister's got---I don't wanna catch it."

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