Friday, March 11, 2011

Miller Time With Iron Weed, Stir Fry & The Magazine Kid

Let us go singing as far as we go.---Virgil

by James Jarvis
from My Arcology
Nov 13, 2001

    After three hours of scrubbing the Arconian pumps tonight, I was ready for Miller Time. Unfortunately,  my budget wasn't ready for Miller time. But Stir Fry--- an Australian musician I met at the Labor Ready day labor hall--- and the Magazine Kid came over with some Coronas. We sat out in the old abandoned dune buggy in the motel parking lot talking about the revolution.

    I told them about one of my friend's suggestion that I work hard and contribute suggestions to the Arconians to get a promotion. We all giggled. I did my Tom Hanks impression of that chick baseball movie he did where he says "Crying? There's no CRYING in baseball!" only I said "Promotions? There's no PROMOTIONS at gas stations!!!"

    Stir Fry and The Magazine Kid were rolling around on the parking lot dirt in laughter.

    I feel a little stronger now. Every day is a step closer to my goal to become physically fit enough to ride the rails. I calculate that I'll have to be strong enough to lift and throw 250 pounds four and a half feet . . . or I'll have to lose a lot of weight. I know exactly where and what time of night I'll catch my freighter out of L.A. Next year. The big adventure. The Magazine Kid's got a woman tying him down, but Stir Fry looked interested in ride the rails with me.

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