Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cherry And Drawers

by James Jarvis

She was a high yella nubian princess,
young and tight and round in all the right places,
too succulent a treat for a middleaged,
pot bellied, tobacco hacker like him,
but he stalked her relentlessly anyway.

She eventually relented and agreed to go to Vegas with him,
on the condition that her sister and nephew tag along.
Finally, they were alone in one of the rooms together
and he made his move.

Man, you don't really want me, she said,
and she looked up into his eyes to see if what she'd said was true.
Just as he found the right answer,
the sister and nephew walked in to hear him say,
as he guided Cherry's hand to the his zipper:
Check in here if you don't believe me.

From that point on they called him 'Drawers'
because that's what he wanted:
to get out of his and in to hers,
and he had to admit that what she'd said was true:
he didn't want her,
he just wanted to climb into her body
and pretend for a while
that he was a high yella prince,
young and tight and round in all the right places.

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