Monday, March 07, 2011

If Democracy Lets Actors Vote, It Deserves What It Gets

by James Jarvis
from Life With Creepy

  I revisited this journal entry for you to help explain the subculture from which my roommate comes. He is, after all, the classically untrained Hollywood movie extra waiting to be discovered.

    Whenever I see some actor on TV pontificating about some political issue or another, I think of my roommate, a brain stem damaged idiot with the ego of The Jolly Green Giant, and I change the channel.

    I bring all this up because my roommate is all excited about voting in March 5th's primary election. They moved his voting place to the BHS drug rehabilitation center next door and it will be a short, very convenient walk for him.

    There's something ironic, beyond ironic, about my idiot/savant 'actor' roommate voting ---helping to decide the future course of our government and qualty of life--- in a halfway house for drug addicts and nutjobs.

     If Democracy lets actors vote, it deserves what it gets.
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