Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hunting The Yankee Waddler and Nibbles

by James Jarvis


Hysterics and fearmongering!

Hysterics and fearmongering!

The TV people

don't want you to own a gun,

because if you look too closely

at the fall lineup,

you might be tempted to drive over to the station

and shoot them.

I saw this on the news tonight:

According to some wizard of statistics,

the number one cause of infant death

(in Maine or Massachusettes

or some other yankee state)

is the murder of their mothers.

Someone is running around

shooting pregnant women

on a grand scale.

Funny that I'm just now hearing this shit.

Deer season,

duck season,

first, second and third trimester

mother season:

doesn't seem much sport

in shooting a slow-moving, big-breasted

yankee waddler.

This hysterical tidbit

on the tv news

was delivered with wide eyes and a solemn tone,

a 'something must be done about this! ' tone.

It seemed a thinly veiled

anti-gun propaganda thing to me,

but I could be wrong.

The overall feeling of the piece

was that if you owned a gun,

you were probably a baby killer.

Details at 11.

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