Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Driving Left Handed With A Hot Babe On My Right

Deep with man dwell . . . forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.---Orison Swett Marden

After an easy two hours at the Arco, I decided to treat myself to a boiled cardboard sandwich up at McDonald's. Usually I walk the two blocks, but I decided to treat myself to a drive up there in the Creepmobile.

The girl with the Egyptian eyes was behind the counter and I've already told her on earlier visits that I wanted her (which usually elicited a shy smile) so this time I ordered a burger and asked her if I should get some beer for when she gets off. She said 'only if you can get back in ten minutes' and I knew it was on! Must've been the sweat rolling down my face. Never underestimate the power of six weeks of googoo eyes.

She was giggling when she hopped into the Creepmobile. I handed her a Corona with my left hand and stuck my right hand under her skirt. She clamped her legs together on my right hand/arm to protect her soft spot, but all that did was push my fingers deeper into her. She looked at me with those great green elliptical eyes (eyes I wanted to swim in naked, sinking my mind deep like slumping down into an irresistibly hot, bubbling jacuzzi) and smiled. What great eyes she has!

She had her first orgasm in the McDonald's parking lot before I could even start the car. Her second one happened while I was driving north on Crenshaw looking for a dark place to park. She had both her hands clamped down tight on my right wrist, using my hand as it best suited her.

I pulled into an alley behind a small used car lot off Rosecrans and managed to squeeze the car in between a $1200 Lincoln Town car and the car marked "Manager's Special" on it's windshield. By this time she was on her second beer, her panties were down around her ankles and we hadn't introduced ourselves yet . . . hadn't spoken more than six words to each other.

"Will you take me home after?" she asked me. "I have to be home by 10:30."

I grunted some sort of pigfuck acknowledgment as I tossed her onto the back seat and crawled on top of her. It was like alligator wrestling or when you catch a writhing, flopping 15 inch Bass and then drop it into a 10 inch water well. The inside of Creepy's car took a real beating. I think I'm going to have bruises. She hit numbers three, four and five before I reached my first.

Whatshername offered me some experimental sex on the way home, but I'd experienced the thing as a pure, natural, life-affirming experience where I had become part of her and she of me for a lovely moment in time and I didn't want to dirty that up with cheap thrills.

After I got home, I walked in the rain for a while. My body feels alive. No, it's more than that. My body feels like it has risen from the dead. I feel like smoking a fine cigar and quaffing a snifter of elegant cognac. Life is sweet.

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