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Communists In My Mailbox

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by James Jarvis
from Offline Journal Of The Damned
Nov 9, 2001

    The Arconians decided to add 14 more hours to my 12 hour work week this week, so I guess I won't have to shag it at the Labor Ready day labor hall for a while. My roommate was sulking today when he found out I get a 15% employee discount over at the Arco where I work part time even when I'm not working there and free drinks while I am.

     It's just not fair, you see, that I should get something he doesn't get. It's really upset him. I know he's upset. You can't miss it when my roommate Creepy is upset, but why? What? Was he raised by communists or democrats or somethin'?

    Speaking of communists, that fine Irish actor, the Postmaster Dufus, is on TV again saying with a straight clown face that the taxpayers shouldn't bear the burden of safe mail, the government should pay for it. Where does that clown think the government gets its money from? Bake sales?

    Then he clarifies his Newspeak, saying the postal customers (junk mailers) shouldn't foot the bill, the taxpayers should. Five billion dollars, please. Screw him. Triple the price of stamps if that's what it takes. Don't take it out of my Labor Ready paycheck.

     If the U.S. Post Office can't compete with Fedex, let them go bankrupt like capitalism dictates. Let's see how long that Postmaster lasts in a REAL job, the corporate welfare bum.

    In case you didn't know, the "patriotic" U.S. airlines have bumped so much U.S. mail off their planes in favor of more profitable cargo that the U.S. Postal service subcontracts its airmail to Fedex anyway. Let's cut out the middleman (the U.S. Post Office). It's an anachronistic institution we should have dismantled years ago.

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