Monday, February 28, 2011

Night Man Day Locked Down In The Looney Bin

by James Jarvis
from My Arcology (tales of working for a South Central Arco station)

    The Arco night man, Day, has gone cuckoo for Cocopuffs. Crazy as a soup sandwich. Bonkers. Looney toons on toast. Again.

Pissed me off when I heard they had him on the 72-hour observation hold at the nuthouse. I've been trying to break into that place for years. Three hots and a cot; you can't beat asylum living for low cost shelter. Best residency bargain in town. Bastards wouldn't let me in, even after I walked into their outpatient center barefooted and peed on their carpet, asking them what was I doing there?

    Fellow Arconian Alah and I plan to visit Day in the nuthouse this Sunday (they've extended his vacation two more weeks). I have experience visiting the mentally infirm, so I filled Allah in today on some of the protocols.

     One of them is to resist the temptation to pretend to the patient that he's not in a mental ward. Why confuse him more? I always used to ask Lynnie The Leacher, whenever I was visiting him at the nut farm in the hills above Chinatown, when was he gonna be finished being crazy and blow the joint? It gives them goals, I think.
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