Monday, February 28, 2011

Michael's Fifteen Minutes Of Fame On Hard Copy Running Guns And Women

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If God had wanted me otherwise, He would have created me otherwise.
---Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

James Jarvis' notes from a homeless veterans shelter in Inglewood, California

Michael Neuman is one of my Benched Players buddies. Tonight he had a VHS tape he wanted to show Rubin and me. We went to the theater room and talked the veterans lounging there into letting us interrupt the sports news to play Michael's tape.

The tape was a copy of a 1992 Hard Copy show about Michael's infamous Los Angeles trial for gun running out of his Hollywood Hills mansion, part of which was also an S & M parlor, complete with dungeon.

Michael's trial was covered extensively by the media. In fact, a year later in November of '93, Michael made The Wall Street Journal in an article they ran about the year's two highest profile court cases: The Menendez brothers and Michael Neuman's sex and guns mansion.

County, state and federal prisons have since aged Michael. He looked pretty young and debonair with his expensive suits and fancy sports cars and new money pony tail in the news clips.

Anyway, now you know the kind of fellas I eat dinner with in the chow hall.
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