Saturday, February 26, 2011

Departed From Wonderland

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The dark today
leads into light tomorrow,
There is no endless joy,
and yet no endless sorrow.
---Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
Ranger Mike loaned me a DVD he'd rented last night and me and my homeless attorney sat up in my room watching it before I went to work. The movie was "Wonderland", about what happened to John Holmes after the drugs made him no good for the porn industry anymore.

The movie hinges around events which occurred in the Hollywood Hills on Wonderland Drive. I know Wonderland Drive. It's a short street. I spent a lot of time up on Wonderland Drive when I was a gypsy cabbie, delivering call girls there.

I probably delivered several girls to that Wonderland Drive house depicted in the movie. It looked familiar, but then, I probably delivered girls to just about every other house on Wonderland Drive. If I didn't deliver girls there, I surely parked in front of that house waiting on a girl at a nearby house. Little did I know then that the house I was parked in front of at two or three or four in the morning was infamous.

I probably parked in front of the Sharon Tate Helter Skelter house where Charlie Manson had his dirty work done, too. That house is just a little further up the hills. The coyotes were bad up there.

Many a night I sat
in the dark up there in the middle of the night listening to them scream like women being murdered, hoping that no one was actually being murdered in the vacinty, hoping that no police patrol car would come cruising by and see me loitering suspiciously like a burglar or a helter skeltered psycho in a neighborhood in which I obviously didn't belong.

Those were scary times and I'm glad I've come down out of the hills.

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