Saturday, February 26, 2011

Collegiate Interest in My Bumology

I just received the following message from a journalism student at my old alma mater, El Camino College:

Hi James!

I came across your YouTube channel awhile back when I had this spontaneous thought of looking up "El Camino College" just to see what I would find. I stumbled upon your "My Bumology at El Camino College" and I have to say your story (and most definitely, humor) was very hard to forget!

Anyway, I am a journalism student at El Camino College now and have just joined the Warrior Life (school magazine) staff. I have to come up with a good feature story to write about and needless to say, I am writing to you now to ask if you would give me the honor (fingers crossed) to maybe write it about YOU.

Primarily, about your struggles living under the bridge (or adventure, rather), attending the college, how you climbed out of that life, your poetry and super genius YouTube videos, maybe your sister Beth, family life, and how you are doing now as Content Creator for Google.

Because you are in Texas, I was thinking a 20 to 30 min phone interview with you would not only be amazing, but inspiring.

Looking forward to your response!
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