Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mother's Day Comes To The House Of Daily Horrors

Photo by Steven M. Stein

My friends Steve and Louise from Longbeach, California came to Marshall, Texas to see the quaint little east Texas town and to see what all my hub bub about The House of Daily Horrors (shown here in the background) was all about. At that time the house was occupied by two infamous local drug addicts, a mother and daughter team, whose exploits in pill popping redneckery were renouned throughout the piney woods region. It was Mother's Day and my Longbeach friends came bearing gifts. The following is a group conversation about the event: Cy Jarvis: Mom and Beth get Mother's Day presents from Steve and Louise. Melanie: They actually look good here. Well... 'good' is relative... Jimi: Look at em, on their best behavior! Steven: I lived in a very drug oriented commune when I was younger, I kinda understand your grandmothers and your aunts personality. They couldn't phase me. Cy Jarvis: It was MY neck Beth tried to slice open with shearing scissors. Steven: That day??? Louise: Yes, Melanie. They both (believe it or not) are very attractive women. I felt so bad as James mother had wanted to attend Mass with me and we miscommunicated and we missed her. The Mass sermon was so beautiful, the Church quaint. etc. One of those missed "once in a lifetime ops".
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