Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gallery of The Beautiful Losers

by Jolie Blond


his Boo Radley mind was sleepy.

The Mad Turk

had animated control issue quirks.

The Angry Haitian

had no elation.

The Russian

laid Los Angeles in one by one fashion.

The Gypsy

stayed bored, whored and tipsy.

The Midget Pimp

was a bark but no bite wimp.

The Dragon Lady

commerced with the shady.

The Arconians

cowered to gasholes, beer bums and Iranians.

Ranger Mike

avoids feeling pain's spike.

Gordon The Hollywood Anarchist

wouldn't of missed any of this.

The Ornamental

specialized in removing your dental.

Stir Fry and the Day Laborers

were misfits and misbehavers.

Motel Marqainsians

lived like refugee Romanians.

Amazing Grace,

couldn't stay in one place.

Betty The Bomb

couldn't keep herself calm.

The Stem Persons

were mindless urchins.

The Park People

stunk like dung beetles.

The Chicken Santa

delivered trash-salvaged manna.

Wrongway Lettner

drank himself out of the shelter.

My Homeless Attorney

has a long RV-dwelling journey.


couldn't, wouldn't and can't.

Gunrunner Mike

would sell you MY bike.

The New Black Dahlia

flipped out in an Impala.

Cabbage Patch

lived mean off her snatch.

Marie The Milk Crate Stealer

moved her street show to Wheeler.

Jarvisonian James

had too many names.

This is the gallery,

a smattering sample, incomplete,

of the beautiful losers

I met on the street.

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