Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fencing The Bathtub Turds

True fact from the piney woods of east Texas:

I have a video clip of my cute little elderly gray-haired doddering old mother carrying a gaily-colored shopping bag full of my sister Beth's horrendous, toilet-killing shit stealthily into the furthest shadows of momma's back yard to surreptitiously dispose of the gruesome and quite stinky evidence. It is the definitive clip of my mother's relationshi...p with my drug-crazed sister. This scene came to mind tonight when I received news that my sister Beth was committed and released again and momma recently has been wandering around her neighborhood in the middle of the night banging on neighbors' doors asking them where in the hell her house has gone. Adult Protective Services in Marshall, Texas think this is acceptable stuff---normal for Marshall residents---requiring no action on their part (as usual).

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