Saturday, February 11, 2012

Borocho (Part 4)

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(continued from previous posts)
You think it is. Your mind could be playing tricks on you. You
like to give your mind some slack once in a while: let loose the tight leash of social norms and societal conformity, let your mind roam a little.

But sometimes when you do this, your mind drags you; leash, rope
and body, into places it'd be better to stay out of altogether. Sometimes.

Or maybe it's the play of shadows. You've seen shadow people, why
not shadow buildings? There are very few street lights here. The nearest one is over a block away. Maybe the light from the Dairy Queen is casting strange shadows on the brick building next door and you are not seeing what you think you are seeing. How many years has it been since you actually saw one of these things? Ten, fifteen, twenty years? Twenty five years? Has it been twenty five years? You think it has. Twenty five years.

All things pass, and we who have lived long enough to have seen
many things pass, things like soda fountains and town squares and public civility and shame, sometime we forget these things are gone until we catch glimpses of them in old movies or history books or in little towns overlooked by the shareholder Greed and Destruction Machine.

You pull your car over to the side of the road and park in a
little dirt turnaround across the street from the Dairy Queen. There are no "No Parking Between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m." signs. No "Two Hour Parking" signs. No "Private Parking" signs. No signs whatsoever and that sends a little chill down your spine.

You are used to being regulated, restricted, instructed, informed,
warned, notified. You are used to being given instructions on when you can do what on each and every parcel of ground you enter, especially with your car.

There is a certain amount of security and safeness you derived
from the signs. How can there be no signs here? How is a person supposed to know what to do, what can be done and what cannot? It's spooky. If there are no signs, there are no laws.

Lawlessness. This is a place of lawlessness. There are no signs to
tell people, if there are people here, that you are doing what the sign says. Maybe that means that they can come by and do anything to your car they want. There are no signs to stop them.

You shut off your engine and step out of the car anyway. You lock
the door and begin to walk across the street towards the Dairy Queen. The Dairy Queen's lights go out.

End, Part 4

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