Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Betty Boop: The Old Man of the Mountain

This short starts with a live action shot of Cab Calloway introducing himself and his orchestra. It then proceeds to show a lion on roller skates made of rabbits rushing from his guard post and into a village crying "Look out! It's the old man of the mountains!" (The lion, like all the other characters with the exception of Betty Boop, is voiced by Calloway in his distinctive rhythmic style).

The lion's warning sparks a mass exodus of the other animals who pack up their things and start to flee as Calloway's voice continues to warn "Look out! Its the old man of the mountains!"

In time Boop emerges from a guest house in order to find out what all the fuss is about and confronts a passing owl. The owl describes the old man: Long White beard and a crooked stare, tramps along with the folks all scared....he'll eat you up when he's hungry. Despite the owls warnings, Boop is curious and declares "Well I'm going to see that old man of the mountains."

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