Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Bum's Goodbye To A Homeless Old Dead Gypsy

We must have the courage to be happy.
---Henri Frédéric Amiel

I just recently learned that my homeless attorney, Donald Steinberg, has passed away.

Details are sketchy. I hadn't heard from the aromatic old gypsy in several months and contacted a guy who lives in a car in Westwood (Gordon The Hollywood Anarchist) who contacted a guy who lives in an Inglewood homeless veterans shelter (Uncle Miltie) who contacted a woman who lives in a car in a Gardena church parking lot (Lost Lisa) who broke the news. Donald is dead.

I live in east Texas now, but when I was homeless in L.A., Donald was the windmill-jousting, old hippie reprobate who taught me that we must have the courage to be happy, even living in cardboard boxes under bridges.

The above interviews touched on Donald's neverending battles with The Movealong Police, who perpetually herd homeless people in L.A. from one neighborhood to the next, never giving us more than 72 hours respite in one spot.

We miss you, Don.

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