Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wittgenstein's Freight Train

Freight Train through Turves, near to Turves, ...Image via Wikipedia
Cambridge philosopher Wittgenstein, the mad monastic gardener, tells me to ignore the populist obsession with Body Fluid Journalism and my own enthrallment with the philosophy of interpersonal gasoline transactions and grab the next freight train out of here for my next adventures in hobodom. I do so enjoy my adventures in hobodom.

He also said about a lifestyle critic (paraphrased here): "You are like a person sitting in the comfort of your living room who looks through a window and sees a man staggering outside and because you don't see or feel or hear the gusts of strong wind outside, you assume the man is feeble . . .or drunk."

So go, my friend, and wallow in your Body Fluid Journalism. I won't call you a drunkard too loudly. But my life is about riding other social flatulences. Surely you see that by now. Must I attach a signal kite to my ass?

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