Sunday, April 10, 2011

Same Old Toilet, Day In And Day Out

Had to wake up at 9 a.m. this morning to do the mandatory phone check-in with The House of Yahweh Food Bank for this afternoon's groceries.

9 a.m.!

They make you call in at 9 a.m. to reserve your free food pickup at 3 p.m. Reactionary do-gooders! My roommate had to wake me because I'd never wake up at that ungodly hour on my own.

Checked in with Sister Michelle to reserve my free groceries, paid my daily motel rent and walked across the vacant lot to the Arco station for coffee, cigarettes and to use the restroom.

Not that there's anything wrong with my crack motel room's restroom. I just like to go in different places once in a while. In fact, I'm getting a little weary of going in the same motel toilet every day. It's too predictable. I may have to rent a different room tomorrow. Same old toilet, day in and day out. I can't stand it.

Now that I'm all settled in at the Marquis, given a waiver on the usual 29 Day Rule (no motel room renter may rent a room more than 29 consecutive days), I'm getting restless. I want to move. I'm getting too comfortable.

I wouldn't even mind Kerouac's 'high stone john', the one he had to use in the middle of a Mexican village in "Lonesome Traveler." At least it would be something different. As I told Bobit Publishing in Redondo Beach when I quit them, "My ass needs diversity."

No, wait. That's not how I said it, exactly, in the newsletter-style resignation pamphlet I gave them when I quit that high tech, high-paying job. I think the pamphlet read: 'Reason for resignation: My ass itches.'

Yeah, that's what I printed, '
My ass itches.' They got the gist of it, I think.

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