Sunday, March 06, 2011

Willie The Lion Had Luggage

The Great Day of His WrathImage via Wikipedia
by James Jarvis
from Offline Journal Of The Damned

  I was watching a PBS documentary on piano man Willie 'The Lion' Smith called "Portrait of a Lion" I only caught a few minutes of the broadcast because my roommate came in blabbering about fragrance rocks and colored quartz and other swap meet bargains he had scored today. My roommate will stand right next to the TV I'm watching yakking just loud enough to keep me from hearing whatever I'm watching. If I leave the room, he follows me.

    One of the experts on Willie 'The Lion' said, "Willie would become angry. Angry for hours. Many artists become angry. It's a substitute for depression."

    AHA, I thought. THAT explains all the anger and hostility I carry around with me like Samsonite luggage (the big bags, African safari size). Humor and hostility. These are my two anti-depressants. Willie The Lion used them. The Mad Turk uses them. I use them. 
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