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Symptoms Of Maladjustment Syndrome

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by James Jarvis
from My Arcology
Dec 8, 2001

     Did seven and a half hours of humpin' cases of corn syrup products today (do you realize that everything liquid sold in the grocery stores these days is made out of corn syrup?).

     My arms started feeling like pistons after two hours. I started moving stuff around for the aesthetics of it. Maybe I'll start doing my Tai Chi again. I'm starting to get what physical trainers call "cuts" on my forearms. My wrists are thickening. The skin under my armpits and across my chest is starting to tighten up again. I can feel a muscle crease forming on the back of my neck. The increased testosterone is making me feel bullish about my upcoming trip across America.

     When I first started working in the Arco freezer, I used to turn off the blowers so my fingers wouldn't stick to the cardboard. Now I keep the blowers running full blast and strip down to my tee-shirt while working in there . . . building up my tolerance for the cold that I'm sure I will experience in the boxcars.

     Arco graveyard shifter Kamel got caught on the store's internal videotapes entertaining one of the Motel Marquis women of ill repute in the store's restroom at 5 a.m. Kamel is an Arab. When he was first hired, he immediately complained about the beer posters in the Arco--- posters depicting bikini-clad models hawking the various brews---said the posters were indecent. Typical Arab duplicity: pictures of half naked women on the walls is American decadence but humping a crack whore in the restroom of your place of employment while on the clock is okay.

     I heard a rumor that someone hacked his way into the El Camino Community College's Financial Aid Office computers and inserted several dozen bogus financial aid applications from members of the Taliban, Al-Queda, Hamas and airline lobbyist associations. Bizarre. I guess some whackos got nothing better to do than mess with racist, sexist, ageist college bureaucrats.
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