Sunday, March 06, 2011

Runaway Train of Thought

by James Jarvis

In the movie 'Runaway Train',
Sara screams at Manny,
You're an animal!
To which Manny replies,
No, worse! Human! Human!

Is that true?
I'd just as soon punch a mfer in the face
as listen to some bullshit he's spewing,
and I have to restrain myself too often
from doing just that,
civilized creature that I am,
but sometimes,
in the heart of the night,
when nobody's looking,
I thank God
for the people He has painted
    onto my life's canvass,
    the works of art,
    the works of heart
    He has illustrated for my soul's pleasure,
and for setting my eyes
    not so far apart but forward on my head
    so I can see humans three dimensionally
    in their varying depths
and marvel at all the colors
    and hues of colors
    emanating from their personalities,
and marvel at the complexities
    and patterned interconnectedness
    of their souls.

You just can't get this kind of manna,
this mixture of nobility and fallibility,
from dogs or cats . . .
I don't care what the whackos in California
say to the contrary.

If you're an old radio program buff like me
and someone asks you the age old question,
Who knows the evil that lurks in mens hearts?
You know the answer is
The Shadow knows!
But who knows the goodness that lives in mens hearts?
I know.
And you know,
soulful creatures that we are.

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