Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Reviewing My Week In The Hood

by James Jarvis

Let's review the goings on here in the hood:
We had rude ghosts,
a dog arrest,
midnight skulduggery in The Voodoo Lot (arrrr arrr, matey),
urban legends from the evil countess,
personals ads for the totally tactless,
some self portraiture art,
a Russian spy story,
a cameo by The Gypsy,
Arco stories of seduction gone awry,
Rhino love,
stinky feet,
internet employment searches,
I moved the earth
and some ghetto poetry:
a productive week.

By the way,
I found out today that The Capon,
the man in my poem who comes to the Arco saturday nights
to talk to strangers,
is a baggage handler at LAX airport.
That makes him twice as smart as me . . .
plus benefits.

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