Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I Am The Anti-Wino

If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain as he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought to be and could be.---Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

by James Jarvis
from My Arcology (tales of working for a South Central Arco)

I'm having second thoughts about applying for those graphics jobs I've seen in the paper. Sure, the money would be much better, but the Arconians don't require that I bathe or shave every day for work. They seem satisfied with once a week. They don't mind me showing up an hour or two late for work, as long as I get the back stocking done before nightfall.

Sometimes I sit on an ash can in front of the gas station watching the gas pigs scurrying in and out. Sometimes, I make pig noises at them. Most assume I am one of the local winos. Some registered true shock when I walked inside to the cash register and took their gas order.

I was tempted a few times to wear a sign that read "No, I am NOT a wino", but then, why bother? The other winos are keeping their distance from me since I cold cocked those three the other day. Good. This is MY turf.

For a part-time stock boy, I'm getting a lot of hours lately filling in for this person and that. This two week period I have 95 hours in so far with one more day on the pay period.

I can smoke, cuss, spit and stink on the job (much like my last job as a gypsy driver). How many employees do you know who can fist fight with the customers and have the cops called on 'em at their place of work and get rewarded with more pay? Ah. If only the pay were better.

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