Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Farm

by James Jarvis

Fox News reports today
that 50 missing women,
mostly sex workers from Vancouver, British Columbia,
may be buried at a muddy, sprawling farm up there.

Police up there think the farmer was one of those long-term serial killers
who lured sex workers out to the farm over the last 18 years and done 'em in.
A property-owning serial killer. Kinda unusual.
Most serial killers eat out.

My old Australian girlfriend, Tammy,
wild, crazy-assed little pointy-haired Tammy
was employed as a Vancouver sex worker
before she disappeared.

I remember a phone conversation we had once
where she talked about a regular customer at the farm.
Or has my old girlfriend bought the farm?

As I look at the televised pictures of the farm,
overhead shots taken by a news helicopter,
I can FEEL that she's there,
somewhere, under all that high country mud.

I wonder if her last thoughts were of me
or the safe haven I had provided for her,
the safe haven she rejected
in favor of a fast buck.

I told her not to go. She went.
I flew up there to try to get her back. She wouldn't budge.
The money was too good.
I have several grudges against money.
This is one of them.
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