Friday, March 04, 2011

Day Of The Chevron Skeeterhawk

Yesterday I was at the Chevron gas station atm getting some cash when I looked out the window and saw a heavy set woman in a white SUV throwing something out the car's window. I stepped outside for a closer look and saw that she was actually throwing something at her passenger side dashboard.

Being the nosy sort, I stuck my head inside the open passenger side window and saw that the heavyset lady was throwing Doritos at her dashboard.

"Whatcha trying ta do?" I asked casual-like.

"IT'S A BUG! A BUG IS IN THE CAR! I'M TRYING TO GET RID OF IT WITH CHIPS!" she frantically answered.


"I'm throwing chips at a bug," she said, starting to laugh. I laughed with her.

I spotted the bug. It was a harmless skeeterhawk mosquito and it looked scared to death of all the chips a flying. So I gently grabbed it by a leg, pulled it outside and let it fly away, born free, back into the wild of east Texas.

The heavyset gal and I looked at each other and laughed some more. Then I said,

"You know, those chips'll do more harm to ya than that skeeterhawk ever could."
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