Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Human Vacuum Attachment For The Crack Pipe

by James Jarvis

That drunk's grandson,
barely twenty,
doesn't look at baseball,
football or anything on tv.

He doesn't get women to come up to his room
which is right over mine so I know---I hear everything,
which is nothing---
because this drunk's grandson,
barely twenty,
has killed his dick already
with a crack pipe.

He doesn't want girls. He doesn't want tv.
He doesn't even want food.
All he wants is that crack pipe
and something to put in it.

He's worse than a death watch,
that drunk's grandson,
barely twenty,
leaning against the rail all night,
staring with dead eyes
at nothing;
wanting nothing
doing nothing
being nothing
but a human vacuum attachment
for the crack pipe.

I thought you'd want to know
how much progress we've made
in three generations.

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