Monday, February 28, 2011

Crusty Goes To The Movies

by James Jarvis
from My Arcology

  Came back from an average day at the Arco tonight, plopped down into my broken crack motel barcolounger, kicked off my shoes and discovered something profound: my feet smell like boiling cabbage.

     It's time to burn those socks and buy this year's pair. My Sears sneakers, brand name Winner, are getting kinda ripe and raggedy, too. I'd better put in some overtime so I can afford them.

    Date with The Russian last night. We saw "Brotherhood of the Wolf" at the Galaxy Five on the boulevard (Hollywood Blvd). French movie. English subtitles. 1800s French/Indian martial arts movie. I liked half of it. Maybe three quarters. Gave me the wunderlust for bog stompin'. Must be my Caddo Lake back swamp roots.

    Last night when The Russian and I were watching "Brotherhood of the Wolf", there was a female character in the movie that kept popping up, attacking men with knives, grabbing men's asses, whirling, twirling and writhing in epileptic seizures. At one point The Russian and I turned to each other and at the same moment we said, "The Gypsy! It's The Gypsy!" (one of the girls I used to drive) The movie character even looks like her, too. Eva, wherever you are, our thoughts are on you.

    Every time I'm with The Russian, I hear that old rock song "Refugee" in my head. Only instead of "You don't have to live like a refugee," I hear "You don't have to live like a Russian spy." She does that: lives like a Russian spy. When I went to pick her up at her house at the appointed time, a white Mercedes was just dropping her off. Out of the Mercedes, into the Creepmobile. We see a movie, grab a couple of lattes afterward at The Coffee Bean and a Mexican girl in a 70's gunboat Cadillac picks her up at The Coffee Bean. No telling how many more car switches there will be for The Russian tonight.

    The Russian says I'm a mean old bastard. Or rather, she says I am STILL a mean old bastard. I think she means it in a "when are you going to mend your ways?" way. I tell her I may be a mean old bastard, but I'm HER mean old bastard. The manager of the Arco, Kimmee, says I'm a mean old bastard, too. I prefer to think of myself as "crusty".
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