Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Posting On The Muddy End Of 'The Level Playing Field'

"The Face of fame is changing. The ranks of the world’s celebrities used to be dominated by millionaire actors, athletes and musicians, but the Internet has leveled the playing field. A kid with a video camera has access to as large an audience as the biggest Hollywood star. A mom with a blog can attract more readers than a best-selling author. And an opinionated entrepreneur can become a guru to millions." --- Forbes 

I make fimiculous little videos for the internet. Mostly for YouTube. Some of them disturbingly fun. Some of them not. Sometimes I get noticed. Mostly not.

I don't know where this level playing field that the Forbes article (see red text above) talks about is located exactly, but if I am on it, I'm on the muddy end where traction is measured in handfuls of web viewers, not millions.

Maybe I just don't have talent and am jealous, but looking over at their end of the field, the dry, slick, astroturfed end, it appears to me that the famous are an incestuous lot, pumping each other's fame like priming a country water pump.

Nah. That's definitely just jealousy. But I'll tell you this: what the web celebrities do is so far advanced from what I can figure out to do that it just plain looks like magic.

The top 26 web celebrities; lonelygirl15, perezhilton, dailykos, drudgereport, sethgodin, buzzmachine, instapundit, amandacongdon, scobleizer, techcrunch, zefrank, jimmywales, aintitcool, postsecret, craphound, xeni, leoville, merlinmann, powerlineblog, littlegreenfootballs, kevinsites, defamer, calacanis, gigaom, tinynibbles and nalts have nothing to fear from me. Their crowns are safe from my dirt-caked fingers, but internet 'cewebrity' is a house built on fickle soil. We'll see who's hot next month.

To be accurate, the people listed above are hard chargers who will not be ignored. The Fickle Factor only applies down at my level. Once you hit a certain level of fame, natural selection will not let you become unfamous.

So hand me a jawbone and I'll throw it up against the obelisk. You know, to see what space odyssey I can evolve into.


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