Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Much Online Poop Is Acceptable?

A video entitled "Girl Poops Pants" had been featured on the "Most Viewed" page of a revenue-sharing video site for what felt like months. It's a video of some hapless starlet pooping her swimming trunks during the shooting of some sort of jaccuzi commercial.

It got over a million views.

Here I've been busting my hump making and uploading videos---poetry videos, humor videos, travel logs from the swamps of Caddo Lake to the heights of the Empire State Building in New York City---trying to get more than 50 views on any one of my videos and not succeeding very well.

Now I understand why. The American viewing public doesn't want dry east Texas humor. They don't want true tales of homelessness in Los Angeles or stories about driving call girls and strippers to their rich and famous customers.

No. They want poop.

Well okay then. I'll give them poop. But how much poop? Where does one draw the line? At a weekend-in-Wazoo-city amount of poop or just a little bad broccoli poop? Discerning poop video producers need to know.

So I sent off the above video asking for poopie pants guidelines. I eagerly await their response.

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