Friday, September 17, 2010

The Candy Store: Another Local Gardena Landmark Closes

Motel Marquis
True Crime Dept.
Case #050801
Cops passing by my door again. This time they're here WITH a Motel Marquis tenant, not looking FOR a Motel Marquis tenant.
A motel tenant had come home from his job at the IHOP today to find his room lock changed. When the motel managers told the kid that his stuff—his clothes and personal items—had been thrown out today (by motel management), the kid called the cops.
After much questioning and some wrangling to find Mr. Kim, the motel owner, the cops made motel manager Don go unlock the room so the kid could see what stuff of his the motel maid hadn't wanted when she was throwing his stuff out into the motel's ratty dumpster, as ordered.
Don trudged away with the pissed off tenant and the two cops like a defeated man. Monty, the assistant manager, hung back in the office doorway.
"Troublemaker?" I asked.
"Not really," Monty answered.
"Amazing. He ACTUALLY got the cops to show up," I said. "I'm impressed."
"Yeah." Monty agreed.
"I mean," I continued, "Half the time I can't get them to show up when someone is being murdered right here in front of me."
"Yeah," Monty agrees. "You know, half the time they come over here, they act like they want to run ME in. Checking MY record. Giving ME a hard time. It's getting to the point where I don't even want them around here any more. You call 'em for the bad stuff and they never show up."
"Yeah. Hey, by the way," I said and started singing the title words to 'Where Have All The Crack Whores Gone, (Long Time Runnin')?'
"Huh?" Monty asked.
"There were no crack whores on the sidewalk last night," I explained. "Weird. What's going on? Somebody call a crack ho meeting?"
"Oh, we took their candy store away," Monty explained about the drug dealer in room 218. "No candy, no crack whores."
"The candy store is gone? Cool! I was getting tired of those crackheads clomping up and down the stairs all night long."
I was going to get you gentle blog readers a Polaroid or two of the Motel Marquis streetwalkers smoking crack on the sidewalk, but I guess that train has left the station. I snapped a couple of pictures of them the other night, but the pictures came out too murky and the crack whores scattered after my second attempt. So instead, please enjoy my video on the many benefits of crack motel living by clicking on the picture of the candy store above.

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