Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Classic Christmas Cartoon

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At an orphanage, a group of lonely kids are given broken toys, leaving these sad youngsters without a Merry Christmas. Professor Grampy, traveling in his self-propelled sled, sees the unhappy kids. The brilliant inventor puts on his thinking cap to find a solution to this problem.

After a few false starts, the light bulb on Professor Grampy's cap lights up. He heads into the orphanage and creates a series of homemade toys from kitchen utensils. Then he decorates the main room with soap chips, cotton and other items, creating a Santa suit from red cloth, stovepipes and a red bag. He rings a dinner bell and calls the kids in. The kids, seeing Grampy as Santa, rush in happily. They play with their new and better toys. To complete the festive moment, Grampy Claus takes some umbrellas and fastens them to a record player turntable to make a Christmas tree.

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