Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Man Facing Southwest Uncomfortably

by James Jarvis
from My Arcology
Nov 17, 01

    Six solid hours of pumping (stocking) soda and beer cases in the Arco freezer today. Worked up a real sweat in there. I was laterally 'promoted' to freezer stocker when the 18 year-old kid who was doing it quit because it was physically too hard. Lucky me. Once again, it was the soles of my feet that gave out first. I just can't get a handle on these damned painful feet.

    I was at 'home' with my feet up in the air trying to get the swelling down when Gigi called my cell number outta the blue. Hadn't heard from her in months. Gigi's the pothead valley girl stripper I drove in '96 and chaperoned to Manhattan in '98 or '99.

    Same old story. Her shitheel boyfriend doesn't pay enough attention to her.( Stripper Woe # 1A) She tried going straight this time doing office work for a bankruptcy firm. Said it was hell getting up every morning, working all day in a little room and getting home too tired to do anything but sleep. Said there was no LIFE in that kind of life. And the money really sucked. Who can live on $10 an hour? But she says she's finally off the pot (that'll be the day) and will go back to escorting only occasionally if she can find an agency in town with which I haven't already worked. (After seeing what I did to The Dragon Lady ,The Taxicab Mafia and The Midget Pimp, Gigi thinks I've left some sort of time bombs at every agency with which I have associated.)

    That won't be easy, I told her. That crosses Stan, Rob, Emily, Johnny, Duke, Melissa, Vugar, Christian, Larry, Jeff and Jade off her prospective panderer's list.

    My cell phone only works if I stand two inches from the TV set facing southwest, so the conversation was hell on my feet. I had to cut Gigi off at the part of her predictable conversation where she talks about becoming a daytime soap opera star. At 27, Gigi is a little long in the tooth for that fantasy. She still has the fancy Beemer, though, so maybe she'll come down and visit me in Arconia tomorrow.

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